Speedmaster Ultraman Limited Edition


On July 10, Omega released a limited edition of the Supermaster series “Ultraman” through the online platform for global consumers, limited to 2012 pieces, and they are sold out in 1 hour, 53 minutes and 17 seconds. So when you see this message, the watch can’t be bought! But it doesn’t matter, we can still learn about this limited edition that was quickly snapped up and look forward to its re-listing.

When it comes to “Ultraman”, I believe this is a childhood memories of many people. In the Ready Player One that was released before, it was a pity for many moviegoers since they could not see the the plot that Ultraman battles Tesla. In fact, if you look back at this monster series in the 1970s, you will find that the production is rough and the plot is not very strict, but this does not affect the heroic status of “Ultraman” in our memory.

According to Omega’s official statement: “In 1967, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch  attracted the attention of the fourth team of the RETURN OF ULTRAMAN TV series by virtue of its unique orange chronograph second hand. The watch’s striking orange color matches well with the suits of the monster-fighting kit, making the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch become an indispensable combat equipment to fight monsters”. According to the research, this orange Speedmaster watch only appears in “RETURN OF ULTRAMAN” Eight episodes, the lens is only a few seconds. But it is not important, it really belongs to Ultraman’s watch!

The Speedtuesday Speedmaster Ultraman limited edition belongs to a tribute style, fulling of small details, which is indeed worth collecting for Ultraman fans. The watch retains the design of the 1967 prototype model: the same orange color and the same size specifications. At the same time, the watch also uses a black and orange alumina bezel, echoing the orange chronograph second hand.

The design in the dial is filled with small surprises, since Ultraman turning into a superhero mode can only last for 3 minutes, so the first 3 minutes of the minute sub-dial on 3 o’clock is orange. And at the small seconds sub-dial on 9 o’clock, you can see the a silhouette of Ultraman’s face. The strap change tool is inspired by the Ultraman Beta Capsule, and you will see the UV light on one end of the strap changer. When the UV lamp is illuminated on the dial, the Ultraman pattern on the dial will appear more clearly.

The back of the watch is engraved with the words “SpeedyTuesday” and the words “THE FIRST WATCH WORN ON THE MOON”. The watch is paired with a black and orange “NATO” military strap, what’s more, there is a spare black leather strap.

The watch case is also well-designed, a special hexagonal watch case is used to tribute to the heroic Monster Attack Team’s futuristic hexagonal workbench.

The watch is priced at 7,100 US dollars. Omega is only sold exclusively on the official website, and this is the first time that the brand has launched a watch in this way. The Speedmaster Limited Edition Ultraman 42mm watch sells so well, I don’t know if it will be considered for re-stocking?