Defy Lab Limited Edition


Finding the principle of the balance wheel and hairspring in 1675, Christiaan Huygens made a great contribution to the watchmaking industry. Nowadays, appearance of Zenith Oscillator opened the new chapter of Swiss watchmaking industry. In September of 2017, Zenith released Defy Lab which is honored as the world’s most accurate wristwatch. Therefore, Zenith represents the direction of the future of Swiss watchmaking.

Zenith Defy Lab, 44mm×14.5mm, is a limited edition of only 10 pieces. Due to different exterior design, Every piece is the only one in the world, and every one is fitted with an exclusive box including two personal letters of invitation. The ten consumer can be able to attend the media conference for Zenith Defy Lab Limited Edition and visit Zenith Manufacture. What’s more, Zenith Defy Lab Limited Edition passed the certifications of chronometer, thermal property and anti-magnetism. Its daily error is controlled in 0.3 seconds in the difference temperatures. It withstands the test of 1,100 gauss. The excellence of Zenith Defy Lab reflects three great innovation.

Aeronith Case
Aeronith is a new material which is made of aluminum foam and a special polymer. The combined material is created through top technique and high end crafts. First, heat aluminum to the melting point. Alu 6082 used for Navy was chosen because of strong resistance to corrosion. Then, inject melting aluminum into the mould. Next, convert it into aluminum foam through a built-in craft. Then, fill the holes with the ultra-light special polymer which protects skin against ultraviolet ray and allergy. The last step is to cool it. After that, it becomes extremely light and highly resistant. Aeronith is 2.7 times lighter than titanium, 1.7 times lighter than aluminum and 10 percent lighter than carbon fiber.

Zenith Oscillator
Zenith Defy Lab is the first and the only one to reflect revolutionary improvement for the principle of the balance wheel and hairspring by Christiaan Huygens. Zenith Oscillator is a new integrated Oscillator made of silicon, whose thinnest parts is thinner than hair. The new Oscillator replaces the sprung balance. The traditional regulating mechanism consists of approx 30 components, at 5mm thick. The new integrated oscillator is 0.5mm thick.

Extraordinary Accuracy
New in-house Calibre ZO342 features 15Hz frequency of vibration. Vibration frequency refers to the frequency of core wheels of mechanical watches per hour. At present, the usual vibration frequency is 4Hz or 28,800/h. Calibre ZO342 reaches up to 15Hz or 108,000bph. In 1969, Zenith El Primero Chronograph was launched, whose frequency extended to 36,000/h or 5Hz. Today, Zenith Defy Lab has 3 times vibration frequency than Zenith El Primero Chronograph. In general, the accuracy will decline along with the loss of the power reserve when a mechanical watch is wounded completely. Thanks for Zenith Oscillator, it keeps accordance accuracy when there are 95 percent power reserve. Besides, Zenith Oscillator is not sentitive to temperature difference, gravity and magnetic field. Therefore, extraordinary accuracy doesn’t decline.