Last year, Zenith launched the DEFY EL PRIMERO 21 chronograph watch and the first-generation DEFY LAB model, which is accurate to one hundredth of a second, opening a new chapter in watchmaking. Zenith is constantly developing on the road of watchmaking, launching high-performance and high-precision top models, and achieving self-breakthrough again and again. This year, DEFY has added new work, ranging from the simple pieces to the super complex models, showing the brand’s superb watchmaking craft. As a super-complex watch in this year’s new model, the DEFY ZERO G watch stands out among the new models with its compact size and extremely precise “gravity control” gyroscope module. Next, let’s take a look at the 2018 New Zenith DEFY ZERO G 44MM Timepiece 95.9000.8812/78.M9000

The Wrist Masterpiece that Challenge Gravity

The letter “G” in the DEFY ZERO G watch refers to Gravity in English. This watch challenges gravity through the gyroscope “Gravity Control” module. Inspired by traditional marine precision timepieces, the Gravity Control gyroscope module was originally rotated between two convex sapphire crystals and is now only 30% of its original volume, so it can perfectly match the two flat sapphire crystals on the top of the DEFY case.


This “gravity control” gyroscope module has been patented to counteract the effect of gravity on the speed of the watch by keeping the adjustment mechanism and the balance in the same horizontal position. And this time, the gyroscope is equipped with an EL PRIMERO star speed calibre with a measurement accuracy of one tenth of a second.

Watch Real Shot

The watch case is made of ultra-light titanium alloy and finished with satin brushed finish to give a special texture of metal.

The crown of the same material is engraved with the brand’s classic star logo, surrounded by non-slip texture design, so it feels good, and it is very convenient to adjust the time.

The double-empty dial design allows the movement to be viewed in a conspicuous manner. The black-plated movement and the delicate branches form a sharp contrast, presenting avant-garde and bold future aesthetics. The branches are like the brand’s five-pointed star logo, highlighting the three-dimensional effect of this dynamic structure.

The compact gyroscope module is located at 6 o’clock and consists of 139 micro-components. After extensive redesign and optimization, the size is reduced and the energy efficiency is improved.

The off-axis hour and minute hands are located in the 12 o’clock blue ring, complementing the fluorescent faceted hour markers and Barton style hands. The hollowed-out small seconds and power reserve are symmetrically distributed on both sides, making the overall dial look orderly and without any clutter.

The strap is also made of metal, and the H-shaped links make it fit well with the wrist after  brushing and polishing.

The watch is equipped with the El Primero 8812 S manual winding movement, consisting of 324 parts and capable of providing more than 50 hours of power reserve. This movement is the same as the EL PRIMERO star speed calibre that was born in 1969. It can be seen through the design of the transparent back, very sophisticated and exquisite.

Summary: The “gravity control” gyroscope module has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough, making the mechanical complexity of the watch even higher. The Zenith DEFY ZERO G watch also opened a new chapter in the future of fine watchmaking with the “gravity control” gyroscope module, highlighting the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship.