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For most people, the 17 years old may still be immersed in the classrooms of the school, and they are still somewhat ignorant of the future. But there is a 17-year-old girl who has already stepped onto the show of major brands and boarded the magazine cover. She has a supermodel mother, a rich father and a handsome brother. Seeing this, many people may have guessed her name. She is Kaia Gerber.

Kaia is on the cover of the July fashion magazine “vogue”
Kaia in the YSL NEWYORK show
Kaia in the Chloe show
Kaia in the Versace show
Kayya wears Omega De Ville Tresor classic series watch

In this year’s special event of the new De Ville Tresor series ladies watch in Berlin, we saw the figure of Kaia. The picture above is Kaia’s elegant black dress and wearing the new De Ville Tresor series of Omega Ladies watch launched this year.

In 1949, Omega first used the “Trésor” to name a De Ville Tresor watch, which means “jewel” to represent the precise movement inside the watch.

The new De Ville Tresor series watches follow Omega’s long tradition of creating exquisite and elegant watches for women, and the diamond is used in the design of the series. Each diamond is carefully selected and set in the case. The slim and exquisite case is available in 36mm and 39mm sizes. The colorful leather straps and fabric straps are classic and stylish. Each of them come with a unique mirrored back and is decorated with a “Her Time” floral pattern. The transparent back is a practical accessory that also reflects the radiant side of women.

In the interpretation of the simple and elegant De Ville Tresor famous watch, Kaia shows us more possibilities for young people.

Kaia wears Omega De Ville Tresor ladies watch shooting advertisements

Between black and white, it shows the infinite charm of perfect blending and elegance. Wearing De Ville Tresor famous watch, Kaia not only interprets the temperament style of young people, but also shows the elegance of women on this basis. In fact, we don’t need to stick to a style, we can define style. I summed up some tips from the daily wear of Kaiya and bloggers on how to match a watch with different styles, have a look together.

Kaia wears Omega De Ville Tresor ladies watch shooting advertisements

Tip 1: When the overall style is more tough, use small details to make the wear show feminine charm

The blazer, leather skirt and tough pieces make Kaia’s overall look more handsome. At this time, choosing a watch of the same color as a small detail is a good choice for softening.

Tips2: When the overall match is more feminine, choose the watch with large dial to neutralize

Women’s choice of silk suits and white shirts is a good example of workplace wear, since the clothes made of silk can highlight the feminine femininity, at this time, it is wise to pair with a watch with a large diameter dial, it is not only calm and generous, but reveals a handsome charm.

Tips 3: The collision between the street style and elegant style

Who says that street style can’t be “mixed” with elegance? Wearing a wool hat, large earrings, and a loose T-shirt, the street style is obvious. But the diamond-set white dial Omega De Ville Tresor series watch is even without any deviation! Can only say that the De Ville Tresor series is too versatile!

Tips 4: The simplest is the classic

The overall black and white color design is the most classic and common type of watch design, but it can explain the different feelings, it is not easy to break through the original design. The dial of the mother-of-pearl is a good match with the brilliance of the diamonds case, and the black fabric strap makes the watch more feminine. Whether it is with a windbreaker or a dress is a good choice.

Tips 5: Joker, decide your own style

What kind of spark can the same watch be combined with a black and white dress? The Omega De Ville Tresor Series will try to bring you more different feelings.

Simplest, versatile, playful, and elegant, these are the endless charm of the Omega De Ville Tresor. There are 12 models in this series, and you can choose according to your needs. The new Omega De Ville Tresor series ladies’ wristwatches has appeared on the market, you can click the official site to have a look. (Omega De Ville Tresor ladies watches)