Baume & Mercier Linea


It is said that man’s life can not be lack of a watch, because the timepiece reflects the man’s identity, but also shows the man’s taste and attitude towards life, For women, time gives women more insight, maturity and charm. A woman who knows how to wear and appreciate a watch must be able to read and understand the ups and downs of life, and know how to cherish time and cherish possession.

Baume & Mercier artistic watch is inspired by the vibrant colors of Pop Art with creative artistic inspiration and a vibrant glow. Equipped with a unique interchangeable strap, all women can match their moods to create their own style. Four different color combinations bring a touch of brilliance to summer.

Baume & Mercier Linea Quartz Women Yellow Watch 10230

This artistic look of watch, such as the golden texture of sun-kissing that naturally exudes the unique personality and charm of women.

The 27mm diameter silver-gray dial is matched with the sun grain, which looks low-key and steady. The stainless steel bezel is engraved with 1 to the Arabic numerals markers that is very chic. This is why I like this watch. The small silver pointer rotates on the disc surface, showing the change of time. The surface of dial has been carefully polished and has no excessive decoration, which is comfortable.

The one-piece lugs extend the lines of the case very well. The steel crown is surrounded by coin grain and the middle raised design is very eye-catching. As the watch has a quartz movement that provides two years of power at a time. The compact design protects the internal structure of the watch and extends its service life.
The strap of this watch features a top-quality matte satin crocodile leather that feels silky and soft. In addition to the leather strap, the watch also has a steel strap. The wearer can choose the style that suits her or his needs.

Baume & Mercier Linea Quartz Women Green Watch 10229

This indispensable color is quite vibrant in the 1970s that is energy and lovely. This watch is fresh and energetic with a fresh and energetic atmosphere, sparkling the natural charm of the youth, and rejuvenating the modern and unique personality.

Baume & Mercier Linea Quartz Women Pink Watch 10228

This candy color of this watch is sweet, tender and creative. The strap is bold and stylish, which will be an important element of beautiful makeup. Perfectly matched with the same color lip gloss and nail art that will make the appearance perfect.

Baume & Mercier Linea Quartz Women Purple Watch 10231

This color has a pleasing texture, which is noble and elegant. Inspired by its charm, the beauty master opens a more psychedelic color journey for people.