Baume & Mercier Hampton


If the cool color that gives the gentle feeling, it is definitely sand. This is the middle color between brown and orange. It is a color that can change the warm and cold colors according to the mood. This is a younger color that is perfect for those who are new to the workplace. Moreover, this color has been applied to many brands and is very popular. And as the element, this color does not like white or black as wild, but can also display its own characteristics for wearing. It is the ideal color for people who are looking for fashion and personality. Today, the classic product of Baume & Mercier Humberton series also launched this color ladies fashion watch M0A10081.

The simple function of Baume & Mercier Humberton M0A10081 ladies watch also meets the characteristics of most women watches. Because women are not very fond of mechanical movement. Therefore, most of the ladies’ watches on the market still use quartz movements. This Humberton watch has a quartz movement that is light and convenient.

The overall design of watch is a sleek and minimalist design. Square dial features a satin-brushed silver-white dial with gold-plated time hands and rivet Arabic numerals, making the entire dial simple and stylish. And the rivet-style time scale adds a three-dimensional feeling to the calm dial, while the gold-plated hands are simple yet elegant. In addition to the date display function, there is no extra decoration for the entire watch, which is very good showing of the personality of the watch design.

The sapphire crystal glass watch mirror makes the time easy to read. However, as the sapphire crystal glass is thicker, which will be higher than the case. And this does not have a good protection of the mirror. In the case of impact by external force, the crystal is very easy to break. In fact, this brand can find a solution. Can’t let beauty pay too much.

This watch uses a quartz movement that should be Swiss ETA. In order to protect the movement well, watch uses the stainless steel back cover. And the decorative rectangular pattern adds some beauty to the monotonous bottom. In addition, the watch is also engraved with the unique number of the watch and waterproof performance, so that users can understand the characteristics of watch.

The biggest highlight of this watch is the sand crocodile leather strap, making it the darling of the watch industry. The adjustable triple folding clasp looks and feels secure while also providing the wearer with comfort and convenience feeling.

Sum up:
40×27.1 mm diameter sleek ladies’ watch, and the case is made of polished stainless steel, which is perfect for young women. And with the quartz movement, it is very light and reduces the pressure on the wrist.