A. Lange & Sohne 1815


Central second hand doesn’t work
“Why is the second hand in the middle of newly bought watch not work? While small dial below has always been working, is it bad?” As a result, he bought a chronograph watch: center pointer is used for chronograph, not for seconds.
As a watch enthusiast need avoid such events, especially the timing function watch.

A. Lange & Sohne1815 series fly back white gold white chronograph 414.026
This watch is equipped with a hand-wound cal.L951.5 movement, which has an extra long power reserve about 60 hours.

Detailed introduction of the chronograph structure
The central chronograph hand is not a second display in the traditional sense, but the timing or speed measurement within the unit is accomplished by manipulating the crown. So in case of not turning on this function, it is still (although central seconds hand for timing and display has already appeared, most of chronograph central needles can only be used for timing).

Configuration of central timing is different from the normal second indication, which requires timing and switching between gears. Therefore, turning on the central seconds hand for a long time will increase the power consumption of the watch, and there will be frequent stops. At the same time, it will also reduce the durability of the watch and shorten its service life. Unless it can be indicated in seconds from specification, it is better not using timing function.

With the development of chronograph watch, the functions have also been expanded. In addition to recording time, they have also expanded to the fields of racing, measurement, and medicine: TACHYMETER, TELEMETER and PULSATIONS.

Tips about the chronograph watch when using it in daily life
1.Understand its situation. This is not just about the chronograph, so as each watch.
Don’t think it is cumbersome and redundant, which can guide person to know “new partner” as quickly as possible.
2.About timing operations. When operating with two buttons, the step is operated in the normal order. Reduce gear wear and reduce the failure rate, which is conducive to the maintenance of the movement.
3.When the timing operation is completed, it is the best to pause and press the button below to clear the time to cancel the operation. Although many watches now support direct clearing.

The chronograph function of watch is very powerful, but it is also the best thing for people who really know the features of the watch. In this way, the function of the watch can be better utilized, and the taste and charm of the wearer can be improved. In order to meet a better tomorrow, so don’t give up any chance of learning and enrich yourself as much as possible.