Finding the principle of the balance wheel and hairspring in 1675, Christiaan Huygens made a great contribution to the watchmaking industry. Nowadays, appearance of Zenith Oscillator opened the new chapter of Swiss watchmaking industry. In September of 2017, Zenith released Defy Lab which is honored as the world’s most accurate wristwatch. Therefore, Zenith represents the direction of the future of Swiss watchmaking.

Zenith Defy Lab, 44mm×14.5mm, is a limited edition of only 10 pieces. Due to different exterior design, Every piece is the only one in the world, and every one is fitted with an exclusive box including two personal letters of invitation. The ten consumer can be able to attend the media conference for Zenith Defy Lab Limited Edition and visit Zenith Manufacture. What’s more, Zenith Defy Lab Limited Edition passed the certifications of chronometer, thermal property and anti-magnetism. Its daily error is controlled in 0.3 seconds in the difference temperatures. It withstands the test of 1,100 gauss. The excellence of Zenith Defy Lab reflects three great innovation.

Aeronith Case
Aeronith is a new material which is made of aluminum foam and a special polymer. The combined material is created through top technique and high end crafts. First, heat aluminum to the melting point. Alu 6082 used for Navy was chosen because of strong resistance to corrosion. Then, inject melting aluminum into the mould. Next, convert it into aluminum foam through a built-in craft. Then, fill the holes with the ultra-light special polymer which protects skin against ultraviolet ray and allergy. The last step is to cool it. After that, it becomes extremely light and highly resistant. Aeronith is 2.7 times lighter than titanium, 1.7 times lighter than aluminum and 10 percent lighter than carbon fiber.

Zenith Oscillator
Zenith Defy Lab is the first and the only one to reflect revolutionary improvement for the principle of the balance wheel and hairspring by Christiaan Huygens. Zenith Oscillator is a new integrated Oscillator made of silicon, whose thinnest parts is thinner than hair. The new Oscillator replaces the sprung balance. The traditional regulating mechanism consists of approx 30 components, at 5mm thick. The new integrated oscillator is 0.5mm thick.

Extraordinary Accuracy
New in-house Calibre ZO342 features 15Hz frequency of vibration. Vibration frequency refers to the frequency of core wheels of mechanical watches per hour. At present, the usual vibration frequency is 4Hz or 28,800/h. Calibre ZO342 reaches up to 15Hz or 108,000bph. In 1969, Zenith El Primero Chronograph was launched, whose frequency extended to 36,000/h or 5Hz. Today, Zenith Defy Lab has 3 times vibration frequency than Zenith El Primero Chronograph. In general, the accuracy will decline along with the loss of the power reserve when a mechanical watch is wounded completely. Thanks for Zenith Oscillator, it keeps accordance accuracy when there are 95 percent power reserve. Besides, Zenith Oscillator is not sentitive to temperature difference, gravity and magnetic field. Therefore, extraordinary accuracy doesn’t decline.

“Loyal to the traditional design of brand, at the same time blending modern elegance and style”, this is the distinctive character of the Swiss watchmaking Baume & Mercier. In fact, the watch does not have a very good design, but the classic elements and excellent performance will always impress consumers.

In addition to the simple appearance of the Clifton new watch in 2018, the most attractive is the Baumatic™ BM12-1975A movement with a large power reserve that has captured the hearts of people. Let’s take the Baume & Mercier Clifton watch M0A10401 as an example to appreciate the charm of this collection.

Highlight of this new watch – the first self-produced BM12-1975A movement
The most popular of this year new watches is the first self-control movement of brand. The unique grinding process makes the movement more recognizable. Efficient anti-magnetic performance (equipped with a hot silicone hairspring) can ensure accurate and stable travel time. In addition, it has 120 hours (5 days) power storage, making the watch more durable. It is worth mentioning that this movement also has a five-year warranty, no worries.

Stainless steel case with 18 K rose gold bezel is a wonderful combination. Through the polished process, the watch seems more mellow. And I perfect the unique feeling from the rose gold bezel that always make me clam.

The side of the watch is brushed and polished, which effectively reduces the impact of accidental scratches on the overall appearance, and the post-processing is relatively convenient.

The white ceramic dial matches the rose gold thin sword (lancet) needles well. With the diamond engraved face, the rivets are slender, showing the special design of the brand. And the charcoal gray minute scale ring has the ability to make the time more simple.

The date display window is set at 3 o’clock, adding practical functions to the watch. Engraved with the famous “Φ” logo, the outer bezel is also made of polished 18K rose gold. The non-slip texture design makes the adjustment of the watch more convenient.

Through the sapphire crystal glass back cover, the track of the movement will come to the forefront, and there is no interest. In addition, the watch is also certified by the Observatory to ensure its superior and durable quality.

Brown crocodile leather strap with square pattern is comfortable, making the whole watch simple and gentle. When with the same color seam, the strap seems gentle and modern, which can match almost any occasion.

Polished steel pin buckle is also engraved with the logo of brand, showing the overall style of the brand. Compared with the folding buckle, the traditional pin buckle can ensure the safety of watch and it is very reliable.

Patek Philippe launched the new Twenty~4 automatic mechanical watch. This is a watch designed for modern, stylish, independent, active and independent women, to accompany them through every colorful 24 hours. From outdoor casual outfits to sumptuous evening dresses, it can be paired with a variety of shapes to fit every occasion. Women who choose the Twenty~4 automatic mechanical watch, while easily driving the latest technology products, are more interested in the traditional mechanical timepieces of the wrist, because it not only represents a high-quality craft tradition, but also a beautiful art masterpiece with a long-lasting value.

Elegance First, Precious and Eternal

The new Twenty~4 automatic mechanical watch inherits the aesthetic charm of the same series of watches born in 1999. The center chain of the bracelet is slightly raised, blending with the delicate double-layer links on both sides. The new 36 mm round case is elegant and detailed, distinguishing it from the old one. The dial features a push-fit Arabic solid block and a bar-shaped pointer, all paved with a fluorescent coating to ensure clarity and readability. The curved sapphire crystal is perfectly matched to the case line. The bezel is set with two rows of patchwork diamonds, using the “Dentelle” method to fully highlight the sparkle and feminine charm of the diamond.

The new Twenty~4 automatic mechanical watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. It is available in stainless steel and rose gold with different dial colors. One of the silver dials is decorated with artistic features to create a precious silk texture; diamonds-set bezel, crown and bracelet add brilliance to this elegant rose gold model.

2018 Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Automatic Blue Dial Stainless Steel Watch

Reference: 7300/1200A-001

Price: 19,970 GBP

Dial: Blue Sunburst Dial

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Bezel: Stainless Steel Set with 160 Diamonds

Case Diameter: 36MM

Case Thickness: 10.05MM

Bracelet: Stainless Steel

Buckle: Fold-over Clasp

Movement: Caliber 324 S C Self-winding Movement

Power Reserve: 35Hours-45Hours

Water Resistance: 30M

Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Automatic Gray Sunburst Dial Diamonds Watch

Reference: 7300/1200A-010

Price: 19,970 GBP

Dial: Gray Sunburst Dial

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Bezel: Stainless Steel Set with 160 Diamonds

Case Diameter: 36MM

Case Thickness: 10.05MM

Bracelet: Stainless Steel

Buckle: Fold-over Clasp

Movement: Caliber 324 S C Self-winding Movement

Power Reserve: 35Hours-45Hours

Water Resistance: 30M

Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Rose Gold Brown Dial Automatic Ladies Watch

Reference: 7300-1200R-001

Price: 34,730 GBP

Dial: Brown Sunburst Dial

Case Material: Rose Gold

Bezel: Rose Gold Set with 160 Diamonds

Case Diameter: 36MM

Case Thickness: 10.05MM

Bracelet: Rose Gold

Buckle: Fold-over Clasp

Movement: Caliber 324 S C Self-winding Movement

Power Reserve: 35Hours-45Hours

Water Resistance: 30M

Luxury Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Silvery Dial Self-winding Rose Gold Timepiece

Reference: 7300-1200R-010

Price: 34,730 GBP

Dial: Silvery Sunburst Dial

Case Material: Rose Gold

Bezel: Rose Gold Set with 160 Diamonds

Case Diameter: 36MM

Case Thickness: 10.05MM

Bracelet: Rose Gold

Buckle: Fold-over Clasp

Movement: Caliber 324 S C Self-winding Movement

Power Reserve: 35Hours-45Hours

Water Resistance: 30M

2018 New Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Automatic Diamonds Bezel Bracelets Silvery Dial Ladies Wristwatch

Reference: 7300-1201R-001

Price: 43,410 GBP

Dial: Silvery Vertical Horizontal Satin-finished Dial

Case Material: Rose Gold

Bezel: Rose Gold Set with 160 Diamonds

Case Diameter: 36MM

Case Thickness: 10.05MM

Bracelet: Rose Gold with Diamonds

Buckle: Fold-over Clasp

Movement: Caliber 324 S C Self-winding Movement

Power Reserve: 35Hours-45Hours

Water Resistance: 30M


Summary: These 2018 New Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Diamonds Automatic Ladies Wristwatches are a new interpretation of women’s long-lasting charm. All of the bracelets are equipped with 4 separate latches to optimize the operation of opening and closing, in addition, they can prevent accidental release of the buckle, fulling of convenient and practical charm.

Since its inception, Baume & Mercier has always insisted on the concept of creating high-quality and low-priced products. Inspired by Swiss watchmaking traditions, it inspires design and produces a unique collection of elegance. Today we will come to appreciate Clifton series MOA10058 watch.

The Swiss made movement has 42 H power reserve with 25 gems. And the frequency of vibration is about 28800 per hour, which can make the watch function in a correct way and ensure the right time for people.
The thickness of the 38.8mm diameter dial is 9.4mm, which is common size for daily life that owner can accept it.
As the silver is the perfect color that can match almost all the colors, so the brand choose this silver dial to join the 18 K rose gold material, making the whole watch reflect a wonderful appearance.
The hands and the markers are all the overgild, which seems bright and graceful. The Arabic numerals markers only stay at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, and other markers are sticks. The hands in Dauphine (Crown princess) type add the fashion to watch.

Crown princess needles, the first is “DAUPHINE” in French. Because the badge of French prince had a dolphin pattern, so French prince was also called DAUPHIN.
The pointers are not designed in radian and replaced by clear line,which perfectly outlines the slim outer shape of hands in corners. Three-dimensional design allows the pointers to reflect the exquisite craftsmanship in simplicity.
The overall appearance of needles are sharp and clear, and the direction is also very clear. It is often favored by fashion, pioneers and avant-garde watches. Now look at the watch store, you will find such pointers abound.

Following the tradition, the Clifton series has a second scale ring on the outer circle of dial to make reading more precise. It also adds practicality to the watch. At 3 o’clock stands the date display widow, which is square and embedded. The black number is obvious.
Rode gold case is in Turtle shell and round aggregate shape. Case is polished and satin-finished to show the traditional essence of the celebrity hand-made watchmaking technique, which is gentle and smooth.
The crown with coin pattern is also the same material, and adjustment time is more convenient. Inlaid with the logo of the brand, the crown is designed with a dome.
The one-piece lugs combine leather strap with case, adding to the aesthetic value of the watch. Black crocodile leather strap is comfortable to wear and reveals a sense of luxury in fashion.

Screw down rose gold back has the sapphire crystal transparent center, which is a very clear representation of the internal workings of the watch. And 50 m water-resistant can meet the daily needs.



Comparison of Movement Detection Data Before and After the Chronograph Function Turning On

Most of the chronographs, when the timing function is turned on, simultaneously drive two sets of gears, which is equivalent to pulling a car before a horse, and now it becomes two cars. The watch will go slower when the other conditions are the same.

We used the instrument to test a new Rolex Daytona ceramic watch, the chronograph function is not turned on, the watch will be 0.6 seconds slower every day, and it will be 1.6 seconds slower every day after the chronograph is turned on.

But in addition to this, the biggest impact after starting the chronograph function is the swing of the watch balance wheel, because the gears that are driven increase and the friction increases, so the swing will decrease. For example, the above Daytona has a 10° drop in the swing time. Under other conditions, the swing is low, which means that the watch is more susceptible to external shocks, resulting in precision errors.

It is worth mentioning that a lower swing does not mean that the watch is slower. In actual wear, the watch that reduces the swing may become slower or may become faster after being disturbed by the outside world. However, after the chronograph function is turned on, the watch is definitely more prone to precision errors than before.


Most of the chronographs are two different gear trains, but the energy source is the same. After the chronograph function is activated, under the total amount of energy source not change, it is naturally consumed. To make a metaphor, just like a person eating alone in the family, now that the family’s total income has not increased, after adding one person, naturally, the monthly living expenses will be consumed a little faster. That is to say, after the time is turned on, the watch will stop running in advance without the energy being continuously replenished.


Chronograph Watches with Horizontal Clutch

The timing transmission mode of the chronograph is mainly divided into two types, one is “horizontal clutch” and the other is “vertical clutch”, in which horizontal clutch is the most common. The principle of horizontal clutch is very simple, that is, the travel time wheel (red) and the drive wheel (green) are coupled. When the button is pressed to start the timing function, the drive wheel recouples the chronograph seconds wheel according to the direction of the yellow arrow (blue color). Once the coupling is successful, it means that the energy of the second wheel is passed to the chronograph second wheel, and the timing function is turned on.

Gear When Chronograph Function Is Switched

The biggest drawback of this horizontal clutch is that it suddenly couples a continuously operating gear to a stationary gear. It is good when the gear teeth are coupled successfully, but if the gear tips just hit together, it is easy to wear the gears. At the same time, at the moment of impact, the front of chronograph second hand will slightly tremble.

To this end, we deliberately took a small chronograph movement to start the gear coupling small video, you can clearly see the two gears of the wheel tip hit together, after a moment, the coupling is successful.

Broken Gears

When the chronograph function is frequently switched, in addition to normal wear and tear, it may even cause the teeth to bend and break.


Chronograph Watches With Steel Fracture

As mentioned earlier, the use of a chronograph with a horizontal clutch causes the gear to wear and even the teeth to deform and break. There may be a friend who asks, is there a chronograph for the vertical clutch device that does not have this concern?

Yes, the chronograph using the vertical clutch does not have to worry about gear wear, but it still has the weakness that the steel used for switching will break after frequent use.

Because it involves a lot of boring mechanical knowledge, so let’s conclude. For the chronograph, if you don’t care about the accuracy and power reserve time, you can always turn on the chronograph function. However, do not start, pause, or return to zero frequently. If you play this for a long time, it will cause gear wear or steel fracture.

“You wind it, it will tell you the time.”

Many watch friends like to use the manual mechanical movement watch, which is exactly an opportunity to have a “communication” with the watch every day. As a living thing, when you give it energy, it will “feed back” to the wearer in the form of travel time. The “feedback” of the watch to the person, in addition to being obtained through the winding, but can also be sensed by operating the “timekeeping” or “minute-repeater” function. For example, pressing the chronograph button, the chronograph second hand starts to move immediately; when the lever is pulled up, the hammer hits the gong to make a sound.

The minute repeater is too far away from the general public, and the chronograph is naturally the most suitable option. Because of the complicated mechanical operation involved, many watch friends have some misunderstandings and puzzles about the use of chronograph watches. Today this article will talk about related stories, when the chronograph function is always on, does it hurt the watch?

Patek Philippe Chronograph Watch

Once, a watch friend asked me a strange problem with the watch he just bought. The second hand of the watch does not work, but the minute hand and the hour hand can display the normal time. After taking a small video to show me, I did not find any abnormalities, the second hand, minute hand, hour hand are clearly working. Then I learned that the “second hand” he refers to is actually the “chronograph second hand” in the center of the chronograph watch. He regards the chronograph watch as an ordinary three pin watch.

Chronograph Watches with Different Dial Layouts

Because chronographs are usually based on manual basic movements and superimposed mechanical parts, so our common chronograph dials are usually such a layout: the small dial at 9 o’clock is the travel time second hand, and the middle is the hour and minute hands. As an obsessive-compulsive disorder, this layout must not be accepted, so the travel time second hand moved from the 9 o’clock position to the 6 o’clock position. For example, the old model Daytona using the Valjoux 72 calibre and the Zenith movement’s make the second hand at 9 o’clock, and now Daytona uses the self-produced Cal.4130 is at 6 o’clock. Of course, there are also some watches that adopt with the superimposed timing module. Its travel time second hand will be at 12 o’clock or 3 o’clock, such as Audemars Piguet Offshore and TAG Heuer chronograph watches.

As the most important function of the chronograph watches, it will be naturally paid more attention. Firstly, in order to facilitate the reading time (the longer the hand is, the larger the dial is, the more convenient it is); secondly, the second hand is conveniently compared with the scale on the outer bezel and the dial to obtain the test result; finally, the second hand chronograph is used frequently. So almost all the chronographs are placed in the middle of the chronograph second hand. For the common three pin, this position is placed with the second hand. When the chronograph is not turned on or the time is paused, the central “chronograph second hand” is naturally at rest.

Many watch friends who have worn a three pin watch will feel very uncomfortable when they switch to the chronograph. When they look at the big second hand in the middle, they think their watch has stopped. Even if I later knew that the middle second hand was a chronograph second hand that was needed to use alone, their heart was still very uncomfortable. In this case, many watch friends will open the chronograph function and use the chronograph second hand as the travel time second hand. So, does this hurt the watch?

In 2009, Patek Philippe launched a hand-wound chronograph watch 7071 for women, which has been around for 10 years. This chronograph is the first ladies’ watch with Patek Philippe’s self-developed classic chronograph movement (star column wheel, horizontal clutch, manual winding), which is evident in the brand’s watchmaking history. As a result, the brand continues to add new work to women’s Complications watches, providing exquisite and excellent chronographs for women who love the movement. At this year’s Basel exhibition, Patek Philippe brought a new design of the 7150 ladies’ watch. Different pillowcases, with a more rounded round case, it is embellished with sparkling diamonds that girls can’t refuse. This new timepiece reads the psychology of women and is a favorite chronograph timepiece for extraordinary women. Next, let’s take a look at Interpretation of Fashion Style and Retro Charm: Patek Philippe Complications Manual Wound Chronograph Rose Gold Ladies Watch 7150/250R.

Interpretation of Fashion Style and Vintage Charm

The new Patek Philippe Complications Series has replaced the previous pillow case with a rose gold round case, and the bezel is set with 72 brilliant diamonds to bring out the elegance of the lady. At the same time, it is decorated with exquisitely crafted vintage details, such as round carved buttons, curved fluted lugs, and modern style. This new timepiece combines modernity with classic craftsmanship, paying homage to classics and femininity.


The Complications series watch is made of rose gold with a round case. After polishing, it has a brilliant luster and smooth curves. The bezel is set with 72 diamonds, sparkling and fascinating.

The crown with the same material is located at 3 o’clock. It is engraved with the classic logo of Patek Philippe “Calatrava Cross Star”. It is surrounded by non-slip texture and has a unique brand recognition. It feels good and the adjustment time is simple and convenient. On both sides of the crown is a round chronograph button with a hand-carved pattern on the surface. The details reflect the brand spirit.

The curvilinear fluted lugs are ergonomically designed to perfectly fit the wrist more when wear.


The silver-white dial with gold Breguet cubes and rose gold Breguet hands adds a three-dimensional look to the dial, blending modern style with classic craftsmanship to make the dial clear and easy to read. The two function panels are located at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively, presenting a balance of beauty. The outer edge of the dial is a pulse meter scale, helping the people to master his or her heartbeat, which seems to be a control of a very dynamic modern life.

The watch is designed with a hand-stitched square-scale crocodile leather strap that presents a distinguished and elegant character. The strap features a pin buckle with 27 diamonds and a diamond-encrusted bezel that complements the watch’s unique aesthetic.

The new ladies chronograph watch is equipped with a Caliber CH 29-535 PS hand-wound calibre with a 30-minute instantaneous jump-up timer that provides more than 65 hours of power reserve without starting the timing device. This calibre is designed with a shovel on the balance of the balance spring, and through the Patek Philippe imprint standard, its classic structure incorporates six patent innovations. The sapphire crystal case reveals a exquisite movement, and the over-the-top shape perfectly matches the contour on the back of the bezel.

Patek Philippe Complications Manual Wound Chronograph Rose Gold Ladies Watch

Reference: 7150/250R

Price: 64,240 GBP

Case Material: Rose Gold

Case Diameter: 38MM

Case Thickness: 10.59MM

Strap: Hand-stitched Square-scale Crocodile Leather Strap

Clasp: Pin Buckle

Movement: Manual Wound CH 29-535 PS Movement

Power Reserve: At Least 65 Hours

Water Resistance: 30M

Summary: This versatile women’s watch launched this year by Patek Philippe is the only chronograph timepiece in the brand’s existing women’s watch collection, which redefines the image of the women’s chronograph and presents the elegant charm of women with beautiful details.

Patek Philippe’s Nautilus collection is a must have if you want a watch with casual and elegant style. The Nautilus series was born in 1976, and the octagonal bezel is derived from the shape of the porthole. The new Nautilus series has a perpetual calendar function, adding complex features to the sports series, is it a successful attempt for Patek Philippe? Let’s look at this Patek Philippe Nautilus Perpetual Calendar Technical Details White Gold Wristwatch 5740-1G-001.

Patek Philippe launched the Nautilus series’ first super-complex watch, featuring Patek Philippe’s most popular classic analog perpetual calendar since 1985. The watch is a subtle blend of casual sports style, sophisticated technology, rugged reliability and high-end watchmaking craftsmanship. The 18K white gold case is restrained and elegant, and the practical calendar device automatically recognizes the number of days per month, even the February 29th only appearing in the leap years.

The vertical satin matte contrasts with the polished chamfer, highlighting the iconic design of the bezel. The dial features the iconic horizontal cross-embossed pattern of the Nautilus men’s watch and the same blue sunburst as the 2016 Nautilus 40th Anniversary. The case design inspired by the porthole is the hallmark of this watch.

The watch has been modified with a wide range of hour and minute hands and a platinum-coated solid time scale with a fluorescent coating, so the time is clearly read regardless of day and night. The pointer-type perpetual calendar uses three auxiliary dials (week and 24-hour dials at 9 o’clock, month and leap year at 3 o’clock, date and moon phase at 6 o’clock), arranged in a harmonious way on a rounded octagonal dial.

This watch features the famous Caliber 240 extra-thin self-winding movement, embedded 22K gold mini automatic disc and extra-thin perpetual calendar module, with 8.32 mm thickness, 60-meters waterproof depth, the appearance is extremely slim. This is Patek Philippe’s slimmest perpetual calendar watch up to date.

The white gold bracelet is also perfectly connected to the case, echoing the craftsmanship of the lugs and bezels, with the matte lateral links and the polished central links arranged in sequence. To enhance wearing comfortable feeling, Patek Philippe has adopted a new patented folding clasp. This clasp features 4 separate latches to optimize opening and closing and prevent accidental release of the two parts of the clasp..

Patek Philippe Nautilus Perpetual Calendar Technical Details White Gold Wristwatch 5740-1G-001

Reference: 5740-1G-001

Price: 91,150GBP

Case Material: White Gold

Diameter: 40MM

Thickness: 8.42MM

Movement: Self-winding Caliber 240Q Movement

Water Resistance: 60M

Summary: The sports collections of the high-end watch brands have always been highly sought after in the market. Whether in the primary market or the secondary channels, the demand is very large. Whether this new Patek Philippe Nautilus series will continue to get everyone’s attention or not after launch, let’s wait and see.

If there is a watch that combines time with the perpetual calendar and moon phase function, which reflects the elegant feeling and not complicated experience, it must be a Baume&Mercier Clifton Series watch—M0A10306.

The classic rose gold case is round bringing together traditional craftsmanship and modern style. Uniquely shaped lugs and the double beveled design of side are inspired by the delicate lines of an antique watch at that time. Equipped with the automatic mechanical movement, the watch can provide a long-lasting power for the owner. The 18K red gold case and crocodile leather strap are both classic and elegant, showing the essential features of high-end watches, and reflecting the strong urban style and retro charm. Today, I will introduce people to the Baume&Mercier Clifton Series Perpetual Calendar watch.

The watch has a white dial that contrasts well with the rose gold trims. And there is no extra decoration on the dial other than the function display. The watch has almost 4 function panels at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock: date display, moon phase display, week display, and month display window. The four small dials are neatly arranged for easy reading. And the blue steel hands also make the calendar function more prominent. Through the hollow case back of watch, people can see the trajectory of the Vaucher 5401 automatic movement, meeting the curiosity of consumers.

The curve between the case and the strap is beautiful and harmonious, and it is comfortable to wear. It is a classic chronograph watch that can stand the test of time.

The embedded crown with coin grain and fine polished buckle have a letter logo Φ of brand. Each of the finely crafted details reveals an unparalleled aesthetic. With a black alligator leather strap, the watch is comfortable to wear and more gentle.

Basic information
Movement type: automatic machinery
Movement thickness: 4.2 mm
Vibration frequency: 21600 oscillations per hour
Number of stones: 29
Power reserve: 48 hours
Dial diameter: 42 mm
Case thickness: 11.2 mm
Back: sapphire crystal case back
Waterproof depth: 50 meters
Case: 18k rose gold, polished/satin finish
Dial / crown / clasp: 18k red gold
Hands: gold plated, special
Mirror: sapphire crystal glass
Strap: crocodile skin
Date display, week display, month display, moon phase

The Baume & Mercier Clifton Series perpetual calendar 18K rose gold complex wrist watch is a high-level complex craft in modern society. It combines the exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship and extraordinary creativity of Baume & Mercier. What’s more, this watch has an elegant appearance and a modern sense of style, which can bring out personal charm. Since the watch is limited, it is important to seize the opportunity and not to regret it.

In the field of watchmaking, the innovation of movement is also the replacement of watch. The advent of a new movement is always able to quickly attract the attention of consumers and become the focus among the watches. Such as the Baume & Mercier watch.

Baumatic™ BM12-1975A self-made movement was first assembled on the new Creton series of brand. Although there is no gorgeous and luxurious appearance, its extraordinary performance, as well as simple and elegant temperament are impressive.

The upgrade of simple and modern belong to Baume & Mercier
In terms of appearance, the new Creton series Baumatic™ watch has been upgraded accordingly. In addition to the elegant style of the classic watch, more fine grinding, showing the more full and soft feeling to the case. White ceramic dial makes the new Clifton Baumatic™ watch is clearly differentiated from the previous model, giving the wearer a unique sense of quality.

Details display
40mm diameter stainless steel case with polished front and brushed sides is unique. Engraved with the logo pattern of the celebrity watch, the stainless steel crown is located on one side of the watch that is surrounded by a non-slip texture to make adjustment easier.

The curvature of rounded case extends to the lugs. Slightly curved lugs with ergonomically setting allows the watch to fit the wrist well.

The texture of white ceramic dial is gentle. And intuitive with rivet-type thin markers and the sword needle offer a clear view to the customers. There is a calendar display window at 3 o’clock, adding a practical function to the simple dial.

Through the hollow design back cover, the appearance of the new movement will come to the fore, revealing the mechanical charm hidden inside the watch. As the first self-produced movement, the Baumatic™ BM12-1975A has outstanding features both in terms of technology and appearance. Under the unique polishing pattern, this movement has obvious difference with others, which guarantees the recognition and quality of the movement. It also has a power reserve of 120 hours (almost 5 days), and the watch can still maintain precise travel time after five days of placement, which is also a great convenience.

The blue strap highlights the style and elegance of the watch. Crocodile leather is decorated with the same color stitching providing a more comfortable experience and a unique overall enjoyment. The traditional stainless steel buckle is convenient for wearing and it is full of security.

Compared to the same level of watches, the new Baume & Mercier Creston Baumatic™ watch offers significant advantages both in terms of performance and price. More significant, coupled with a simple, elegant appearance, it can also be formal and casual that is a better wrist choice this year.