Luxurious and Elegance: Patek Philippe Complications Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Automatic Wristwatch For Men/Women 5524R-001/7234R-001(A)

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In 2015, the top Swiss watch brand Patek Philippe ushered in the ref.5524 Complications Calatrava Pilot Travel Time watch with second time zone and local date display. As the brand’s first modern pilot watch, and the only one sport watch in the Calatrava series, it has attracted wide attention since its launch, at the same time, it has become the ideal wrist companion for business travellers. In 2018, Patek Philippe once again added two rose gold models to the Calatrava Flight Travel Time series, with a brown dial, it presents a black gradient effect. A unique watch that pays tribute to Patek Philippe’s traditional Pilot timepieces. Below, let’s take a look at it together: (Watch model: male 5524R-001;  female 7234R-001)

As one of the brand’s unique traditional functions, the Patek Philippe time zone watch has been the innovation pioneer of the time zone table from its birth to the patented quick-tuning dual time zone function. Adhering to the philosophy of “respect for tradition and innovation”, Patek Philippe with 175 year-old history has improved its original dual-time zone installation to make it even more perfect, so it won another patent in 1996. Pressing the two buttons embedded in the case allows the hour hand showing the local time to rotate forward or backward in units of one hour. At this time, the isolator separates the time zone device from the drive train, bringing unprecedented mechanical operation. The new model is decorated with a rose gold case, which not only retains the original sense of the tool, but also gives the watch a distinct luxury and classic taste.

Adjusting the simple second time zone display function, you just need to press the two adjustment devices on the outer edge of the left case, and the local time fluorescent hour hand will rotate clockwise in one hour (press the 8 o’clock device) ) or counterclockwise rotation (pressing the 10 o’clock device), and it does not affect the travel accuracy of the watch, which is more convenient and fast to use. (If you are in your original place, you can overlap the hollow needle with the hour hand.) It is worth mentioning that the dual time zone button is also equipped with a patented safety lock to prevent accidental misadjustment of local time.


In addition, the new Complications Calatrava Pilot Travel Time watch is the first model of the ladies (7234R-001), with a case diameter of 37.5 mm, it is also slightly larger for women, but the style of the Pilot Travel Time watch with larger size is enough to make the watch more attractive. Let women who love the aviator style enjoy their extraordinary charm.