Luxurious Patek Philippe Complications Ladies Annual Calendar Automatic Watch 4947G-001

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The luxurious ladies’ watch is made up of many beautiful details to outline its most beautiful look, or adorned with gorgeous precious metals or embellished with diamonds, making it eye-catching and attractive. And the top Swiss watchmaking brand Patek Philippe gives it’s ladies’ watch a more meaning, that is the integration of complications functions. Although the complicated features appear on the men’s watch, the ladies’ watch with them is more elegant and mechanical. Just like the Patek Philippe complications series 4947G-001 watch introduced today, under the decoration of the platinum and diamond, there are two functions, one is more practical calendars while the other is the elegant moon phase, just like dancing on the blue 38mm sunburst dial, presenting a unique style of nobleness and luxurious. Below, let’s take a look at this Luxurious Patek Philippe Complications Ladies Annual Calendar Automatic Watch 4947G-001. (Price: 38,200GBP)

The Perfect Combination of Luxury Materials and Mechanical Functions

In the past impressions, women’s watches are often presented in a two way, gold or diamonds, but the stacking design of the ladies’ watch affects the viewing effect of the entire watch, which makes the basic travel time function of the watch eclipse, at the same time, it always leaves a sense of regret for people. The integration of complicated functions effectively alleviates this point, and combines more mechanical timepiece characteristics with precious metals and diamonds, so that more eyes are devoted to the design of the dial, showing its essential connotation, and presenting high-end side of the watch.

Women’s love for diamonds is beyond doubt. At this time, the brand combines 141 diamonds on the 18K white gold case to create a unique aesthetic of high end, luxury and sparkle.

On each side of the case, there is a row of diamonds, which are distributed along the edge of the shell and extended to the lugs, further highlighting the overall beauty of the watch. There are three almanac displays on both sides and a moon phase display hidden calibration button, which can be debugged with simple operation.

The 18K white gold lugs are polished, engraved with the classic “Calatrava Cross Star” of the Patek Philippe, and it is surrounded by diamonds, feeling first-class, also, it blends with the case style, showing the overall glimmer.

The blue sunburst dial has a gradual effect through the illumination of the light source, which is unique and charming. The gold Arabic numerals on it are in line with the gold central big three hands. The time indication is clearer and more intuitive. The night light portion is placed on the willow-shaped hour and minute hands, and they are convenient even in a dark environment. The 9-hour week indicator sub-dial and the 3 hour mark month indicator horizontal distribution, the middle and lower moon phase and date display window are arranged vertically, giving the watch a variety of practical functions while presenting a balance between the wrists, very elegant.

Through the transparent back cover, the Patek Philippe 324 S QA LU movement is in front of you, fulling of eye-catching charm, especially the golden rotor, dazzling. It is engraved with the brand “Calatrava Cross Star” classic logo, in addition, the movement has brand-specific (PP) Patek Philippe imprint certification to ensure superior performance. The watch has a 35-45 hour power reserve and a daily waterproof rating of 30 meters.

Shiny blue-gray square crocodile leather strap, natural cracks and blue stitching are more elegant and graceful. With 18K white gold pin buckle, it is easier to wear.

Summary: Under the bright blue color, this Patek Philippe complications series 4947G-001 watch is extraordinarily charming, presenting the exquisite and capable side of modern urban elegant women. Integrating of the annual calendar and the moon phase function, it gives this watch full of connotation. If you like this gorgeous timepiece, then you can more attention.