April 21, 2018


This year’s Basel timepiece exhibition, Bvlgari has brought us a lot of surprises, especially the LVCEA series and OCTO FINISSIMO two series, OCTO FINISSIMO not only set the world’s thinnest record for the fourth time, while a series of highly complex, high-tech wristwatches are dazzling. This time to introduce this for everyone, is one of the Octo Finissimo series hollowed watch, the ultimate thin, hollow, the world of watch two difficult skills met here, what kind of fun will be born?

Since the 2014 Bulgari Octo Finissimo watch set the record of the world’s thinnest tourbillon watch, ultra-thin became an ultimate pursuit of Octo Finissimo. The reason why ultra-thin is difficult is to be in a small space. Once again, this test is not a traditional handicraft but a series of hard tests of the movement’s structure, aesthetics, production procedures, and so on.

The new Bvlgari Octo Finissimo skeleton watch uses titanium to create a case, the surface of which is sandblasted, matte dark colors to extract the ultimate masculinity of the watch.

The octagonal case is cut through a large number of facets. The shell is rich in layers, filling with prominent edges and corners, a strong three-dimensional appearance, and an extremely thin thickness that even gives it unprecedented sci-fi vision.

With a diameter of 40 mm and a total thickness of 5.37 mm, it again visually enhances its ultra-thin texture. In this highly impactable case design, it carries a more shocking hollow movement, through clear sapphire glass, you can clearly understand every detail of the movement.

In order to make the time clearly displayed, the hands and time scales are blue, which contrasts with the dark shades of the movement. In addition to displaying the time, the watch also has a power reserve display.

Hollowing gives a clear view of the movement and the internal structure of the barrel is clearly visible. Obviously, hollowing is not just a matter of controlling the position of hollowness. More importantly, because of the perspective, every detail needs to be carefully modified to present an exquisite mechanical beauty.

The watch is equipped with the brand-made Calibre BVL 128SK ultra-thin integrated hollow manual winding mechanical movement with a thickness of only 2.35 mm. In such a thin movement, hollowing out is also required, so the difficulty can be imagined. Because of its thinness, the size and thickness of each part are carefully calculated, and hollowness will greatly reduce the stability of the part. Therefore, in order to allow ultra-thin hollow movements to remain stable and long-lasting, each component needs to be strictly controlled and the material requirements are even more stringent.

Ultra-thin is the artistic pursuit of fine watchmaking. It is also true that when the two are combined, the difficulty is beyond the sum of the two. This is the reason why ultra-thin skeleton watches are valuable. The new Bvlgari Octo Finissimo hollow watch is not only extremely light, but contains a high degree of complex mechanical art.