April 2018


When finish materials last night, I also thought about it for a long time. Then I wrote a sentence: “Maybe only when the wealth reaches a certain level, can we comment on whether a certain product is really good-looking.” This “looking good” is pure in pretty appearance, not cost-effective, is not dragged down by the wallet. So today I picked Bvlgari brand and did not emphasize the price, just let us return to the origin of design.

I remember that many years ago someone showed me a Bvlgari woman’s watch, fulling of gemstones, and it was very expensive. I thought, “why don’t use these money to buy something with a high cost performance?” Later, the cruel reality made me understand that only “Poor” will think about the cost, which is limited by the disposable wealth. Therefore, I would like to look at these watches with a pure appreciation. Remember that when I entered Bulgari’s showroom, my first reaction was to raise my sleeves quickly and I couldn’t wait to try on them. I am afraid that moment represents many women’s instincts a feeling of. You will see big movements that Bulgari made in Basel. Last year brought Wu Yifan. This year is Shu Qi.
Especially when she was wearing the latest Lvcea Tubogas watch, I guessed that this must be the main watch this year.

This is the first time that Bulgari’s classic Tubogas bracelet has been used in the LVCEA series.

I believe everyone is no stranger to this watch chain, which was previously used on the Serpenti series, coupled with the serpent’s shape, is very tune.

The Tubogas process is named after a bent metal gas pipe. This technology has been applied to jewelry production since the late 1940s. During the art deco period, large scale artifacts were often miniaturized and created. The Tubogas process was inspired by industry and became a well-known technique.

In the 1940s, Bulgari combined the dial with the Tubogas bracelet to launch the Serpenti watch.

In the 1970s, this craft was used by Bvlgari in many design fields such as rings and necklaces, and Tubogas chains were used to match ancient coins and colored stones.

This year, the Lvcea Tubogas watch has a total of 5 models, 28 mm in diameter and 33 mm in diameter. There are, of course, bezel-encrusted and non-drilled versions. The movement also has quartz and mechanical points, depending on the individual needs of the girls.

When we judge people or things, we always have a comprehensive evaluation of appearance and intrinsic. For people, we always think that “inner” is more valuable than “outside appearance”. Of course, that’s right. However, similar to watches, I just think that this era, at least at the level of mass consumption, or “value first”. So “interesting inspiration” refers to the internality of the watch, the grinding of the movement, and so on. Why do I encourage everyone to pursue purely good-looking on the basis of improving aesthetics, because this is a basic enjoyment. In fact, we don’t have to worry too much about “beyond the golden brilliance”, because these big brands want to live in the market and cherish their wings more than anyone else (to fool people in invisible places, sooner or later). Of course, if you are temporarily shy of the wallet, “cost-effective” is still an insurance path. Each person’s life stage is different, the pursuit is not the same, do not have to be consistent, and each needs to be like. Finally, welcome to chat about what you’ve experienced as “What do you think is good-looking, but it’s negated by others”, and you are ultimately forced to follow the consensus?

From fashion to classics, Bvlgari loves the selection, turning the affection into the scale of the wrist, the warmth of the neck and fingers, and giving it to the man who you love the most and loves you the most.

Father’s love is long, witnessing your mature and growth
The long years of fatherly love have become more and more profound after years. He faded away from his youth and is now more considerate and warm. Bvlgari’s new Octo Roma watch brings Octo’s pure aesthetic to unprecedented heights. While preserving the iconic octagonal shape of the series, the number of facets is reduced to make it more rounded, with a warm colored brown crocodile leather strap, it is more suitable for everyday wear.

Reference: 102703 OC41C6SPGLD
Case Material: Gold/Stainless Steel
Bezel Material: Fixed Stainless Steel
Dial Color: White
Diameter: 41MM
Thickness: 3.8MM
Glass: Sapphire Glass
Bracelet: Crocodile Leather
Clasp: Deployant Buckle
Movement: Automatic BVL 191 Movement
Power Reserve: 42 Hours
Number of Jewels: 26
Frequency: 28. 800 A/h
Waterproof: 10 ATM
Function: Date, Hour-Minute-Seconds

Reference: 102702 OCP41C1GLD
Case Material: 18K Rose Gold
Bezel Material: Fixed 18K Rose Gold
Dial Color: Brown
Diameter: 41MM
Thickness: 3.8MM
Glass: Sapphire Glass
Bracelet: Crocodile Leather
Clasp: Deployant Buckle
Movement: Automatic BVL 191 Movement
Power Reserve: 42 Hours
Number of Jewels: 26
Frequency: 28. 800 A/h
Waterproof: 50M/164FT
Function: Date, Hour-Minute-Seconds
The father’s love just likes the mountain and becomes more and more masculine
Modernity is the keynote of Bulgari Octo Ultranero’s cool charm watch. The whole timepiece presents a strong black, angular design, which exemplifies the masculinity of the fashionable men’s watch. Rose gold or red is dotted with hands and scales to light the entire watch. My father’s tall and sunny image has always been full of strength, making us we have peace of mind and letting us admire.

Reference: 102485 BGO41BBSPGVD
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Bezel Material: 18K Rose Gold
Dial Color: Black
Diameter: 41MM
Glass: Sapphire Glass
Bracelet: Rubber
Clasp: Tang Buckle
Movement: Automatic BVL 193 Movement
Power Reserve: 50 Hours
Waterproof: 100M
Function: Date, Hour-Minute-Seconds

Reference: 102738 BGO41C9BSVD
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Bezel Material: DIC Stainless Steel
Dial Color: Black
Diameter: 41MM
Glass: Sapphire Glass
Bracelet: Rubber
Clasp: Fold Buckle
Movement: Automatic BVL 193 Movement
Power Reserve: 50 Hours
Waterproof: 100M
Function: Date, Hour-Minute-Seconds

Bvlgari excels at creating classic styles, whether it be Bvlgari Bvlgari, Davis’ Dream or Lvcea, each of which is a yearning for women’s hearts. When we talk about the “Bvlgari style”, we first think of the use of color and serpentine of Bvlgari . After many years of constant innovation and experimentation, Bulgari watches have become an indispensable part of the hearts of fans. The three watches recommended here have a connotation in their soft and graceful appearance, and they are also sexy with a touch of beauty.
Bvlgari Lvcea Diamonds Rose Gold 33MM Timepiece For Women 102329 LUP33C6GDLD/11

Reference: 102329 LUP33C6GDLD/11
Case: 18K Rose Gold and Brilliant-cut Diamonds
Bezel: Fixed
Dial: Silver Satine Soleil Dial
Diameter: 33MM
Crystal: Scratch Resistant Sapphire
Band Material: Alligator Leather
Buckle: 18K Rose Gold Ardillon Buckle
Case Back: Transparent
Movement: Automatic
Function: Date, Hour-Minute, Seconds
Water Resistance: 50M/150FT
Comments: This watch of the LVCEA series evoked light and time, and the design, light and shadow of the case, dial and bracelet ingeniously combine to give women timeless charm. An exquisite gem highlights the feminine grace, and pave diamonds interpret the luxurious temperament perfectly. The burgundy alligator leather belt is both mysterious and romantic, giving this watch a new look.
Luxury Designer Bvlgari Piccola Lvcea Diamonds 23MM Quartz Wristwatch For Women

Reference: 102515 LUW23D2GDGD1
Case: 18K White Gold
Dial: Diamonds Sundial Dial
Diameter: 23MM
Crystal: Scratch Resistant Sapphire
Bracelet: 18K White Gold With Brilliant-cut Diamonds
Buckle: Fold Clasp
Movement: B033 Quartz Movement
Function: Hour-Minute
Water Resistance: 50M/150FT
Comments: This classic watchcase is set with 35 brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.6 carats. The dial is in a snowflake style with 124 diamonds weighing approximately 0.42 carats. The 18k white gold crown is inlaid with a convex pink cut pink. A jewel and a diamond (approx. 0.01 carat), 18k white gold strap set with 162 brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately 1.5 carats. Bvlgari’s new Lvcea series of snowflake-inlaid high-quality jewellery watches fulling of diamond jewelry is considered a masterpiece in the watch industry.
Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas 35MM Women Violet Dial Quartz Wristwatch

Reference: 102530 SP35C7SDS.1T/L
Case: Stainless Steel Case With Brilliant-cut Diamonds
Bezel: Fixed-Diamond Set
Dial: Violet Lacquered
Diameter: 35MM
Crystal: Scratch Resistant Sapphire
Bracelet: Stainless Steel
Movement: B033 Quartz Movement
Function: Hour-Minute
Water Resistance: 30M
Comments: The serpent watch has received a strong response once it was launched, and it has also become an important milestone in the watchmaking world of Bvlgari. Bvlgari’s design style is very bold in creating ideas, often subvert the common impression of watches, redefining the aesthetic style. This SERPENTI watch combines a creative design that demonstrates a strong modern look. Violet lacquer dials represent feminine charm, and the steel single spiral bracelet highlights the sensuality of women. Stainless steel crown inlaid convex pink tourmaline, showing  unprecedented glory.
Summary: This world is full of unimaginable imagination, Bulgari has achieved the dream of women, which makes the watch more than just a practical watch, and the unique design makes the existence of the watch more meaningful. Bulgari makes many women feel that its beauty is grand and gorgeous. When you think of it, you will feel very excited.

At the Basel Watch & Jewellery Exposition in the beginning of the year, the famous Italian jewellery and watch brand Bvlgari focused on the design of the ladies’ watch again, offering a variety of new models of the LVCEA watch series for the utmost pursuit of women with 28mm and 33mm. The design highlight of the LVCEA watch is a high-intensity link strap, combining the snake-like feminine, dexterous bracelet and colorful gems to demonstrate the ingenuity of the brand watch designer, recreating the elegant and succinct timepiece of urban women’s wrists. . Let’s take a look at pure steel models for an example:

This time, Bvlgari uses a gradient dial design, the color from dark to light, the use of contrasting colors to excite a new light and shadow effect, bloom the spirit of modern life, showing the elegant and beautiful brand design. This new product follows the traditional design of the LVCEA model in design, namely snake scale metal links, to add luster to the aesthetics of the watch.

Stainless steel case and bracelet, to give a new steel watch a simple and elegant. With a black polished dial and eye-catching hour markers as well as the central three-pin, the bright and elegant light is reflected in simplicity and elegance. The waterproof performance of the watch is 50 meters.

Bulgari has always been known for its boldness. It specializes in the ingenious fusion of colored gemstones and adopts a perfect transmission technology, making each watch extremely innovative and luxurious. Just like this watch, the stainless steel case with a convex egg-shaped cutting crown, after careful polishing of the brand, shows a delicate luster and full curvature. Its feel is superior, easy to adjust.

The black solar radiation dial design makes this watch not only simple and bright, but with western elegance. The time scale of the bar, two Roman time scales and the central three needles echo each other, making the time indication clear and intuitive as well as convenient for viewing time. The 3 hour markers have a calendar display window.

The 28mm model is equipped with the Calibre B046 quartz movement, while the 33mm model is powered by the Calibre B77 manual winding movement, which ensures the accurate travel time of the watch. Among them, the Calibre B77 manual winding movement has a 42-hour power reserve that supports hour, minute, second and date indications.

The fluent modular design snake-like stainless steel bracelet is interlocking. With a three-fold buckle, it is very convenient to wear and take off.

Summary: The overall elegant look blended with the brand’s Lvcea series aesthetics to create this Bvlgari Lvcea Animations watch. In addition to this watch, there is also a two-color version of 18K gold and stainless steel, this model fully demonstrates the sense of coordination; two-color version of the case is 18K rose gold, the bracelet is composed of alternating 18K rose gold and stainless steel, creating a rhythm of bright rhythm. If you like this watch, you may wish to enter the brand store to learn more about the details.

This year’s Basel timepiece exhibition, Bvlgari has brought us a lot of surprises, especially the LVCEA series and OCTO FINISSIMO two series, OCTO FINISSIMO not only set the world’s thinnest record for the fourth time, while a series of highly complex, high-tech wristwatches are dazzling. This time to introduce this for everyone, is one of the Octo Finissimo series hollowed watch, the ultimate thin, hollow, the world of watch two difficult skills met here, what kind of fun will be born?

Since the 2014 Bulgari Octo Finissimo watch set the record of the world’s thinnest tourbillon watch, ultra-thin became an ultimate pursuit of Octo Finissimo. The reason why ultra-thin is difficult is to be in a small space. Once again, this test is not a traditional handicraft but a series of hard tests of the movement’s structure, aesthetics, production procedures, and so on.

The new Bvlgari Octo Finissimo skeleton watch uses titanium to create a case, the surface of which is sandblasted, matte dark colors to extract the ultimate masculinity of the watch.

The octagonal case is cut through a large number of facets. The shell is rich in layers, filling with prominent edges and corners, a strong three-dimensional appearance, and an extremely thin thickness that even gives it unprecedented sci-fi vision.

With a diameter of 40 mm and a total thickness of 5.37 mm, it again visually enhances its ultra-thin texture. In this highly impactable case design, it carries a more shocking hollow movement, through clear sapphire glass, you can clearly understand every detail of the movement.

In order to make the time clearly displayed, the hands and time scales are blue, which contrasts with the dark shades of the movement. In addition to displaying the time, the watch also has a power reserve display.

Hollowing gives a clear view of the movement and the internal structure of the barrel is clearly visible. Obviously, hollowing is not just a matter of controlling the position of hollowness. More importantly, because of the perspective, every detail needs to be carefully modified to present an exquisite mechanical beauty.

The watch is equipped with the brand-made Calibre BVL 128SK ultra-thin integrated hollow manual winding mechanical movement with a thickness of only 2.35 mm. In such a thin movement, hollowing out is also required, so the difficulty can be imagined. Because of its thinness, the size and thickness of each part are carefully calculated, and hollowness will greatly reduce the stability of the part. Therefore, in order to allow ultra-thin hollow movements to remain stable and long-lasting, each component needs to be strictly controlled and the material requirements are even more stringent.

Ultra-thin is the artistic pursuit of fine watchmaking. It is also true that when the two are combined, the difficulty is beyond the sum of the two. This is the reason why ultra-thin skeleton watches are valuable. The new Bvlgari Octo Finissimo hollow watch is not only extremely light, but contains a high degree of complex mechanical art.

Since ancient times, the image of the snake has been controversial. Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden by the temptation of the serpent to steal the forbidden fruit. From then on, the serpent was seen as the embodiment of evil. In Greek mythology, snakes are often seen as symbols of healing, death, and rebirth. People also put forward the idea that dragons come from snakes, which have been recognized by most scholars. Because of this controversial image, snakes appear in a variety of works such as legends, novels, and paintings.
Later, the image of the snake was applied to the jewelry thanks to Queen Victoria’s preference for serpentine. She treats the snake totem as a blessing to his own amulet. She hopes that she can possess the “snake’s wisdom” and can govern the country with wisdom. So in the Victorian period, serpentine patterns became a trend.

The First Bvlgari Serpenti Watch

Since 1940, Bvlgari took the lead in applying the image of the serpent to the design of the wristwatch. The snakehead turned into a dial, while the smashed body was turned into a strap on the wrist. Since then, the serpentine pattern has become the classic symbol of Bvlgari.

Elizabeth Taylor Wears Bvlgari Snake Jewelry in a Cleopatra Film

In the 1960s, Elizabeth Taylor commissioned jeweller Bulgari to create a Serpenti snake bracelet for her. This 18K gold snake bracelet is set with emerald, ruby and diamonds. Created in 1968, curled snake shaped with a pear-shaped emerald in the shape of a goose egg, the eyes are encrusted with ruby goose eggs, the round and cut diamonds are set on the head and tail. Later, she wore this bracelet and made her appearance as Queen Nile in the film Cleopatra.

Bvlgari Enamel Diamond Watch

A few years ago, a rare collection of Bvlgari diamonds created in 1965 was sold at a Christie’s auction in London and was eventually sold at a triple valuation, setting a Bvlgari Serpentine Watch World Auction New record of prices. The Bvlgari’s collection-grade treasures were valued at $300,780 to $417,750 before the auction, and the actual transaction price was over $1 million. After several rounds of auctions, they eventually sold at a high price of $1,107,038.

Bvlgari’s New Serpenti Watch

Since the creation of the serpentine theme in the 1940s, the serpenti snake series has become a classic masterpiece of Bvlgari, and has continuously been innovated and improved in subsequent developments, and it has skillfully deduced the temptation beauty of the serpent.

Bvlgari 2018 New Serpenti Tubogas Tricolor Gold Watch

In 2017, the series was the first to use a double-loop strap made of non-toxic snakeskin and leather. Its unique design, exquisite craftsmanship, comfort and lightness put the Serpenti watch into a new artistic expression, creating a suitable watch for women at anywhere and anytime.

In 2018, Bulgari launched the new Serpenti Tubogas watch, which combines the three classic colors of platinum, rose gold, and gold, reinterpreting the classic tricolor gold watch classics launched in the 1960s in a modern style.
There are many stars in the entertainment circle wearing a Bvlgari Serpenti watch invariably, for example, Kirsten Dunst, Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Shu Qi, and so on.

There are so many gorgeous jewels, why do stars like Bvlgari Serpenti watches? Snakes symbolize wildness and charm. If other jewellery is worn to highlight women’s charm and femininity, then choosing Bvlgari Serpenti watches is to demonstrate their extraordinary taste and powerful aura.

Compared with the watches in previous years, this year’s Bvlgari adds the skeleton technology into the Lvcea series of watches for the first time, and the elements of the previous rose gold, diamonds and etc were used in the design, and the psychological status of women was fully understood. A total of three pieces were introduced in this series, which are made of stainless steel and pink gold. The design was inspired by the first-generation Lvcea series watches, and on this basis, a bold new design was introduced. The red lacquer timescale adds a touch of light to the hollow dial, complementing the convex egg-cut gems set on the crown. The dial is surrounded by diamonds, pushing the luxurious style of Lvcea’s skeleton watch to a new height. Let’s take a look at this diamond skeleton watch below.

This watch is 33 mm in diameter, the case is made of 18K rose gold, the case and the bezel are set with diamonds, the collision of rose gold and diamond makes the watch look luxurious and emits dazzling light, which makes many women can not help but love.

The dial is hollow and the internal movement can be seen through the dial. At the same time, the dial is decorated with gold-plated “BVLGARI” lettering, and the letters are also set with diamonds. With a red pointer, it is particularly eye-catching. The mix of colors is also out of ordinary.

The Lvcea skeleton watch introduces a new and sophisticated process for the Lvcea collection. It presents Bvlgari’s art of watchmaking through an intricate and enchanting open window. The new watch showcases the internal structure of the Haute Horlogerie from a professional perspective, making the hidden parts of the Lvcea collection public for the first time, especially for women who love sophisticated mechanical timepieces.

The crown is made of 18k rose gold and inlaid with a convex egg face cut pink gems and decorated with brilliant cut diamonds.

The watch is adorned with a red crocodile leather strap, fulling of enthusiastic, sex and exciting charm.

Equipped with 18K pink gold ardillon buckle, the top is engraved with Bvlgari English logo.

The bottom of the watch is a transparent design that shows the inner workings to women . Inside the watch, the BVL 191 automatic winding movement is equipped with a 42-hour power reserve. The waterproof depth of the watch is 50 meters.

Summary: The Lvcea Skeleton wristwatch is an innovative masterpiece combining fine watchmaking skills, high-grade jewellery aesthetics and colorful colors. It has a distinctive Bvlgari style and reflects the charm of women.

Born more than 120 years, Bvlgari has been known for its bold design and unique style. It has been highly sought after by celebrities from all over the world and has been favored by royalty and movie stars. Bvlgari originated in Greece and was influenced by Roman culture. Inspired by the inspiration of the Greek and Roman civilization, Bvlgari’s design has seen unprecedented prosperity. This has become one of the most significant and most inspiring parts of the Bvlgari trademark. Take the Bvlgari Bvlgari men’s wristwatch as an example. Let’s take a look at Bvlgari’s design style.

This Bvlgari Bvlgari wristwatch with carbon gold black woven strap actively explores and subverts the traditional style, boldly choosing different materials, making a perfect combination between the design and the new materials.

The watch is 40 mm in diameter and the steel case is covered with a carbon coating. Black dial with rose gold hands and hour markers, such contrasting colors make it clear to read. There is a date window at 3 o’clock and a Bvlgari logo at 12 o’clock. Although the color is dark, the dial is still relatively simple.

Engraved with the “BVLGARI BVLGARI” double LOGO logo on the bezel, it not only inherits the essence of the brand, but also becomes the unmistakable Italian symbolic pattern in the watch series.

The thickness of the watch is 3.6 mm. The side of the case is engraved with “1884” and decorated with two rivets. “1884” represents the year when Bvlgari was born.

The 3 o’clock position is a rose gold crown that complements the same coloured hands and hour markers.

The ears are sharp and angular, closely connecting with the round case.

The watch is equipped with black woven calfskin strap, fulling of fashionable and chic charm.
Matching with an ardillon buckle engraving with the brand LOGO.

Hours, minutes, and scales with a luminous coating is easy for reading at night.

The movement can be seen through the transparent case back, and the bottom is engraved with a rose gold brand logo and secured with six nails. Inside the watch, it carries a Bvlgari Calibre B77 self-winding mechanical movement that provides 42 hours of power storage and is waterproof to 30 meters.
In summary: Bvlgari Bvlgari series timepiece is loved by fans, and it makes people delight by virtue of its simple and elegant style, the bold color, as well as the comfortable experience to wear.

In 2014, Bvlgari ushered in the 130th anniversary celebration of the brand’s founding. To celebrate this special occasion, the brand launched many new watches. The Lvcea series is uniquely designed for women and is considered the Dream Watch for most ladies. This year, Bvlgari has added a new choice to this collection, combining the famous Bvlgari iconic Tubogas bracelet with the Lvcea collection to interpret the glamour of modern style.

This is the first introduction of the Tubogas bracelet in the Lvcea collection. The Lvcea collection derives its name from the Latin word “light” and symbolizes life and beauty. And it is specially designed for the glamour of modern women, giving women a chic and elegant personality.

The new Lvcea Tubogas wrist watch brings a comfortable wearing experience to the exquisite state of the wrist. The Tubogas bracelet with a large number of links makes a striking contrast with the circular dial of the Lvcea watch, presenting a beautiful and sympathetic beauty.

Bvlgari launched a total of five new watches. This watch is one of the most luxurious watches in its class. The 33mm diameter case is made of luxurious rose gold. The bezel and bracelet are set with several diamonds, leaving people a gorgeous feeling.

The crown is embossed with a convex egg face cut pink gems, and a diamond set on the top of the crown shows the elegance and beauty of a lady.

The Tubogas process gets its name from a bent metal gas pipe installed at a lower position. This technology has been applied to the field of jewelry making since the late 1940s. In the 1970s, the Tubogas process was reborn and widely used in Bvlgari watches, bracelets, necklaces and rings designs. Today, Bvlgari combines this traditional craft with the Lvcea collection to create a captivating art around wrists.

With unique Italian style design, Lvcea Tubogas watch is full of charming art and timeless fashion style, highlighting the charm of the rich Bvlgari watch, just like the the hale shines.

Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bvlgari Group, called Shu Qi a shining woman who truly interpreted the power of the Lvcea series. She also shared the reason why she is fond of this series with everyone at the conference, “Lvcea Tubogas Halo watch takes the design to a whole new level. It uses a Bvlgari iconic Tubogas bracelet design that is stylish and comfortable. It is very feminine for everyday wear.” The Lvcea is an eternal watch, since it has a strong femininity, you will remind of the bold and unique jewels that Bvlgari rooted in Roman culture, which perfectly boasts its unique Italian charm.

Reference: 103034
Movement: Automatic Calibre B77
Dial Color: White Mother-of-pearl
Markers: Diamonds
Shape: Round
Diameter: 33mm
Case: 18K Rose Gold
Bezel: 18K Rose Gold and Diamonds
Glass: Sapphire Crystal Glass
Case Back: Transparent Sapphire Crystal Case Back
Bracelet: 18K Rose Gold
Clasp: Fold Clasp
Power Reserve: 42 Hours
Water Resistance: 50 Meters

Bvlgari has always been passionate about breaking the tradition and challenging the traditional watchmaking industry with bold ideas and innovations. In the world of Bvlgari, the snake-like theme has been one of the most distinctive brand symbols since the 1940s. Its snake-shaped wrist watch has become a banner work. Until today, the world-famous snake-like legendary design continues to reach the peak of perfection, ingeniously deducting Bvlgari’s brand creative spirit. Take a look at this Bvlgari Serpenti watch today.

What the Serpenti series reveals is an inexhaustible temptation beauty. The exquisite craftsmanship process combines the serpentine pattern with the unique design style of the Bvlgari brand, and it exudes a beautiful and noble fashion in luxury. The new design style is full of women’s unique charm, and it is designed for modern women.

The 30-mm diameter only fits on the wrists of women. The case is 18k rose gold, 79 brilliant cut diamonds with a total weight of 1.38 carats, 30 rectangular cut tourmalines with a total weight of 1.06 carats and a tourmaline. The dial is set with 116 snowflakes and brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.26 carats. The entire watch reveals a luxury.

The dial has no scale, only the hour and minute hands, and the “BVLGARI” sign at 12 o’clock has a modern taste. This watch is bold and unassuming in color, and the combination of diamonds and red tourmalines makes it look both luxurious and elegant. Compared to timekeeping tools, this watch is more as an accessory.

The bezel is designed as a swreathing snake, the head and tail are cleverly connected together, the vibrant snake head is embedded with a tourmaline, as if staring into the distance.

The strap is a high-tech satin material used to match the elegance and nobleness of the watch, at the same time, it is also more comfortable to wear.

The strap lining is engraved with the brand logo “BVLGARI”.

The wrist watch selects the needle clasp, 18k rose gold material, and inlaids with 20 brilliant cut diamonds with a total weight of approximately 0.33 carats.

The watch movement is the BVL208, which has 21600 oscillations per hour and provides 64 hours of power reserve. The quartz movement is more suitable for women. The sides of the case are polished with a straight texture, and the edges and grooves are chamfered and polished. Hollow design is more three-dimensional.
Summary: This stylish and luxurious watch fully shows the precision of Swiss craftsmanship and Italian innovation. It also demonstrates the infinite charm of women through the bold designs. The combination of rose gold and diamonds is destined to arrive wherever, it will attract a lot of attention.